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Trade audit for “Coca-Cola” company

The company:

'Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia” is the American food company, the largest world producer and vendor of concentrates, syrups and soft drinks. The most famous product of the company is “Coca-Cola” drink. It is on the “Fortune 1000” list at year-end 2007 (83rd place). The headquarters is located in the capital of Georgia state – Atlanta.

Coca Cola

Period: 3 months

Territory: Saint Petersburg

The task: trade audit in sales channels
Project scope:

  • Determination of the research objective and format for retail sales audit
  • Preparation of a reference list and necessary documents (forms, blank sheets, tables)
  • Choosing points for examination and analysis
  • Data collection (visiting points or telephone calls)
  • Data processing and summary report preparation
  • Report analysis and drafting recommendations on its usage
  • Presentation of the research results to the Customer


“Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia” trade census” is a unique project. “At work” channel with regard to points of sale is poorly investigated as such due to a number of external challenges – from protection of information about such points to difficulty of access to them. Nevertheless the mechanics which we had elaborated for this pilot project has completely paid off”.

Carrying out the first investigation phase had given the agency a better insight into where trade auditors should be sent, which knowledge on the second stage allowed not only to save resources but also to visit all plants in Saint Petersburg within as little as one month.

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