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“Aist” company guideline

The task: to create a new logo and a guideline

The client: Russian company “Aist” (“Stork”)

Business area: production of professional automotive tools

The project: restyling and renovating of the company’s visual identity design

Performance expectations: tune-out from competitors (uniqueness), representation of the company’s business dimension, convenience and easiness of repeating the logotype by application on various materials when producing package.
разработать новый логотип

The solution: the agency creative team suggested taking the first letter of the company and the brand name as a basis. It allowed to preserve the trademark identity for the customer and to proclaim the company’s headship in automotive tools production at the emotional level. The design concept is realized in a rough, in a way brutal form – the prototype of cross section of many tools, the company’s title product.

Along with that, the new logo was created with reference to the modern design and graphics tendencies and considering the possibility of its application on various materials with no loss in quality.

Помимо этого, новый логотип создан с учетом современных тенденций
в области дизайна и графики, а также возможности его нанесения на различные материалы без потери качества.
разработать новый гайдлайн

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