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BTL campaign for an international tobacco company

In 2016 STEM Agency started working on a loyalty projectfor one of the leading  world  tobacco companies. The project’s concept was developed by specialists of the company, our agency managers are bringing the project to life.


An Internet platform gathers people, who prefer high-tony solutions and are open to make discoveries. This project is intended to tell about exceptional events taking place all over Russia and featuring limited access to.

STEM Agency is hunting for and selecting the most exclusive events for the platform subscribers in four cities of Russia: Kaliningrad, Kazan, Nizhniy Novgorod and Saint Petersburg.

About 10 events take place in regions every month, 12 events occur  in Saint Petersburg.

The agency’s event department coordinatesthe privileged audience  at all events.

«We are so glad to be engaged in such a fancy and fascinating project. Daily monitoring of the most emblematic events helps to stay in the center of events, to develop in the area of BTL», - Nadezhda Iaskevich, business development director of the STEM Agency.

The project promotes the “Customer Success”  concept and we are glad that we could not only represent the product in a creative and original way, but also  raise the loyalty of the target audience.

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