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HTML5 Camp conference concerning web future

The task: integrated event management

  • Technical equipment
  • Branding and decoration concept of the venue
  • Design and production of handout materials

​Number of participants: over 500 people visited the conference.
 Конференция о будущем веба HTML5 Camp

 Конференция о будущем веба HTML5 Camp

The result:

The conference was traditionally held in “Digital October” — HTML5 Camp is a conference that is annually organized by STEM team. The conference on web future was devoted to web standards and usage of web technologies when developing modern websites and applications.

The venue was divided into five entertaining zones:

“Touch the beauty” – a demo table with devices: tablet PCs and notebooks. A cathode ray tube LG monitor stood near the new products from HP and Asus — the contrast was quite telling.

“Test your website” – a zone with a plasma panel display where everyone could test drive a site he or she was interested it.

“Made to be touched” – an 80-inch plasma touch panel on which everyone could operate.

“Meme generator” – flipcharts and markers. A zone where one could draw his own meme or make up a story with already existing ones.

“The world is changing” – a zone with Kinect for Xbox 360. As opposed to X-box, Tamagotchi and floppy disks with 1,44Mb capacity that had been widely used in 90s were presented.

Within the conference the participants could appreciate that web standards and web technologies do not stand still and also take a look into the past and into the future at the same time. For those who could not visit the event personally an online broadcasting was organized.

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