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IBM training conference

The task: integrated event management

  • Logistics of the event
  • Technical equipment
  • Design and production of handout materials

​The number of participants: over 500 people were invited to the training conference.

 Практическая конференция IBM

 Практическая конференция IBM

The result:

The conference “Business Connect: connecting business and technologies “Head on to productivity – reasonable approach” took place in “Renaissance Monarch” hotel in Moscow.

The conference was devoted to such issues as changing working practices of various enterprise departments as formula of achieving strategic goals and fulfillment of set tasks by organization as a whole.

The aim of the conference was to improve the interaction between top managers of business and IT departments, to help in finding promising investment patterns in order to answer calls faster and increase competitiveness in all fields of activity by using information technologies as catalyst for innovation.

Three simultaneous sessions took place within the conference:

“How to work efficiently: people, information and business processes management” — for personnel management analysts.

“How to raise money efficiently: modern ways of sales increase, new marketing capabilities, strategic procurement management” — for sales and marketing management specialists.

“How to spend and invest efficiently: business analytics and financial management” — for analysts.

Напишите нам
И мы обязательно свяжемся с Вами в скором времени