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MTS media conference in Pskov

The task: organization of media tour for journalists from Saint Petersburg

  • Developing creative concept of the event
  • Integrated event management
  • Media support of the event
  • Design and production of printed materials
  • Production of promotional merchandise

 Пресс-конференция для компании МТС в Пскове

 Пресс-конференция для компании МТС в Пскове

The result:

On November 12, 2013 a media tour for the journalists devoted to launching 4G network by MTS company took place in Pskov. This is the first city in the North-Western Federal District where MTS started providing ultra-modern LTE technology services. The journalists from all key and specialized publications of Pskov as well as the journalists from Saint Petersburg and Velikiy Novgorod writing on the modern telecommunication and IT technologies were invited to the media conference.

The program of the event included a business part and an excursion.

Within the official part a media conference took place where MTS company speakers announced launching 4G network in Pskov Oblast, showed the advantages of the new service and answered the journalists' questions.

- Kirill Dmitriev, the director of MTS “North-West” office,

- Dmitry Smirnov, the technical director of MTS “North-West” office,

- Andrey Belov, the director of MTS office in Pskov office and

- Ip Hong, the vice president and network solutions sales director of Samsung in Europe and the CIS

spoke at the conference.

The second semi-official part was devoted to the demonstration of 4G service capabilities in different places of the city, mostly historically significant ones, as the testing program had been harmonically integrated into the program of the excursion around Pskov.
 Пресс-конференция для компании МТС в Пскове

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