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Organization of CEE-SECR 2011 conference

The task: integrated event management

  • Attracting participants and raising the target audience awareness
  • Preparation of marketing materials
  • PR maintenance of the event including work with specialized and business mass media
  • Work with social media including promotion of SECR’s Facebook page
  • Organization of media events
  • Making an entertainment program for the participants

​The participants: over 700 people from more than 20 countries worldwide, among which are the world’s leading experts in IT industry, heads of software development enterprises, CEOs of the Russian and the Western companies, engineers and leading developers, investors and entrepreneurs.

Организация и проведение конференции CEE-SECR

Организация и проведение конференции CEE-SECR  2011
The result:

“There was a pleasant festive atmosphere. Maybe because of the fact that Digital October is a brand-new venue in a beautiful place of Moscow, or maybe because everything necessary for work and communication was close at hand, or because so many truly successful people had gathered in one place”, Konstantin Bychenkov, IT–PMSAMARA representative says.

“After the High School’s of Economics academism in 2010, CEE-SECR 2011 in Digital October was unexpectedly fresh, new and smartly organized while keeping substantial informatory part”, Alexander Kalugin from Pmarcor project remarks.

As for STEM agency, CEE-SECR 2011 project became a kind of a challenge for it. The task of integrated organization of a four-day’s event allowed STEM to apply its experience gathered in several years in various directions: from event marketing and public relations to design and Internet promotion.

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