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PR maintenance of CEE-SECR 2011 conference

The task: propelling the event to the brand new reputational level

During the preparation period from May until November 2011 the PR experts had been dealing with:

  • Announcement of the conference in the mass media
  • Circulation of press releases
  • Reaching agreement with media partners
  • Ensuring publication of the articles and the interviews in specialized mass media
  • Preparation of marketing materials
  • Working in “Media Center” mode

PR-сопровождение конференции CEE-SECR

PR-сопровождение конференции CEE-SECR  2011
The result:

  • Agreements on media sponsorship with the leading specialized mass media (IT,
  • Telecommunications, Banking sector) were reached.
  • Over 10 press releases were made.
  • About 20 extended publications and interviews with the key speakers were issued.
  • PR maintenance of the sponsors of the event was organized.

Together with SMM tools and the Internet advertising campaigns the PR maintenance allowed to get the new image of CEE-SECR across to the target audiences, provide professional media coverage of the event while it had been in process, and guarantee a thorough mass media response after the conference had taken place.

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