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“Testo Mesto” pie houses chain promotion concept

The task: to attract the target audience's attention to the main pie house of the chain and to increase attendance of the cafe after re-branding.

The solution: in order to tune out from competitors the agency experts suggested updating the chain's positioning concept – to emphasize the company bakers' skill and knowledge in making pies.

The key message: “Testo Mesto” is an expert in pies; “Testo Mesto” is a good judge of pies.

The following “three rules of a pie” being observed in “Testo Mesto” became the kernel of the idea:

  • The rule of shape – it should be rectangular.
  • The rule of filling – there should be lots of it.
  • The rule of recipe – it should be traditional (“grandmother's”)


рекламная кампания тесто-место
These rules were transmitted by outdoor advertising media and branded samples in the shape of pies. They were handed out by animators playing “Little Red Riding-Hoods” that had got lost in the city and were searching the way to grandmother.

The idea of the sampling is based on the fairytale about the Little Red Riding-Hoods similarly with which an animator was supposed to get lost in the city. His task was to ask the people passing by to help him to find the way to a certain address (“Testo Mesto” pie house). Each passerby got “a pie” as a thank-you for help – the branded sample of the chain.

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