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Windows Camp

The Task: organize the Windows Camp conference
• Technical support at the venue
• Cooperation with the protocol service of the venue
• Lobby build up, venue decoration
• Catering
• Working out creative solutions for the informal part of the event, filling the exhibition with interactive and conceptual zones
• Logistics. Partners and sponsors support
• Printed and souvenir products in accordance with the corporate style of the company
The conference took place on September 10, 2015 in Moscow at RIA Novosti in the International multimedia press-center MIA “Russia Today”. 700 people participated in the conference including leading developers on the Visual Studio 2015 platform. Over 20 000 people were able to watch experts’ reports online.
Organizers managed to create an atmosphere of a thrilling unconventional conference. STEM experts demonstrated complex approach and creative organizational solutions in such major and expected event’s preparation.
Deep dive into the world of high tech was made possible due to virtual graffiti, plasma Windows Emoji stand, which converted ordinary selfies into smiley selfies, 3D-printers able to print various figures, and an exhibition of Microsoft devices. Nano ice-cream won extraordinary popularity in the catering zone. The «Big picture» zone formed on-the-scene photographs into a collage – thematic photo of the conference.
We can’t but say that the event’s arrangement was conducted on a very tight schedule, but the work was organized so accurately, that despite huge stream of people and contractors everybody knew their function, and we managed to get everything ready to welcome participants just on time.





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